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"Quality Results"
At RETTEW...We relentlessly pursue success through a shared common vision of delivering value. We are accountable for results and strive for flawless execution, and deliver products and services of the highest quality. We empower our employees to challenge norms and drive change by continuously improving our services and processes. We work hard, celebrate our successes, and learn from all of our experiences - good and bad.

"Promises kept"
At RETTEW...We keep our promises. We are consistent and honest in our actions, principles, and expectations. We maintain the highest moral and ethical standards.
"People First"
At RETTEW...We value healthy relationships built on respect and humility. We thrive on teamwork built upon trust, open communication, collaboration, and fun. We invest in the development and maintenance of long-term relationships. We strive to treat internal and external clients with equal importance/value.

"Safety Matters"
At RETTEW...We care about our employees and believe in putting safety first - no compromises! We expect employees to actively participate in our safety program. We partner with our clients and communities to provide a safe work environment. We employ best practices to minimize injuries to people and damage to assets. 
"Valuing Resources"
At RETTEW...We are passionate about nurturing the growth and development of our employees. We are committed to building a better, stronger, and more sustainable company through our people for future generations. We are an employee-owned company, committed to judiciously managing the company's financial resources. We are steadfast in our commitment to improve our communities and the environment.